We have exciting news.

Several years ago we imagined a world changed for the better - without changing anything. Our vision: earn donations to your favorite causes every time you make a purchase with hundreds of brand name retail partners.

On April 20, 2014, we take another bold step forward.

What's next?

We're joining forces - for good!

We are very proud to announce that our shopping technology and retail brand partnerships will power a radically new giving experience developed by a company with an audacious mission: to embed philanthropy into everyday life.

This company has been featured in Forbes and Huffington Post. The founders are legends in loyalty technology. For the past two years they have redefined giving for thousands of people, and crafted entirely new ways to shop and give.

What's the company?

PlanG is the central place for all your giving matters. It makes charitable giving easy by providing one, intuitive platform to connect you with the non-profits you're passionate about. With over 1 million nonprofits ranging from charities to religious organizations and schools, PlanG makes it easier than ever to quickly turn your passions (and your shopping) into action that fuels social change.

No matter how much you give, PlanG will show you it made a difference. And not only do they check and double-check partnerships, but their secure platform makes it easy and safe to give.

PlanG and SocialVest speak the same language in many ways, and marrying the PlanG and SocialVest platforms greatly enhance shopping experiences while opening up new opportunities to give back.

We're thrilled to take the next best step, and SocialVest and PlanG will continue the important work of changing the world for the better - together.

Get involved: Join the giving revolution at PlanG